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Elio Berhanyer

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Born in Madrid, Spain, with studies in Law, but dedicated body and soul to fashion since university and trained in the most important internal "métiers" of firms such as Hermès and Christian Dior, Sergio De Lázaro is part of the founding team of Otrura and currently directs its collections.

Throughout his career, he has studied the different trades within the fashion houses he has worked for, specialising in leather goods, tailoring and couture, as well as haute horlogerie, thanks to stays in different workshops in Spain, France and Switzerland.

After almost 19 years in historic fashion houses, the first collection of men's footwear for the Fall 2018 campaign was born. In October 2019, the first couture and tailoring collection will be launched. During the April 2021 edition of MBFWM he and his team have the honour of winning the L'Oréal award for Best Collection. He feels comfortable defining himself as someone who tries to convey a creative concept, a twinning between inherited know-how and contemporary language and materials.


BERHANYER is today one of the oldest fashion houses, only behind Brooks Br, Hermès, Loewe, LV born in the 19th century or from the beginning of the 20th century such as Chanel, Lanvin, Gucci or Balenciaga.

A new phase begins in 2023, not only to relaunch the brand, but to re-found it. That is to say, to work on the legacy and organise its history in order to create a contemporary avant-garde fashion house. To this end, he is currently working closely with the Museo del Traje.

Just as he was avant-garde in the 50's, 60 ́s, 70 ́s. BERHANYER aspires to be so in the 21st century.

Sergio De Lázaro is its current Creative Director since 2023, working on its three pillars:

· Excellence
· Avant-garde
· Globality

Welcome to the new stage of the most historic and avant-garde fashion house in Spain.

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