Dominika Kozáková
Spring/Summer 24

Dominika Kazakova

Dominika Kozakova at MBFWMadrid

About Dominika Kozakova

Introducing Dominika Kozáková, young fashion designer from a small town in Slovakia who is now living in Prague and working on her newest fashion creations. For the first time her design broke through was during the Van Graaf Junior Talent competition in 2018 via Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week with her collection ,”FREAK SHOW” and since then she has been showcasing for the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week every year. Besides her work for MBPFW she presented her designs for Fashionclash festival in Netherlands, Designblok Prague introducing International Design Festival and Budapest Central European Fashion Week Digital Fashion Show. Dominika´s extravagant designs were also featured in Vogue Italia, Dazed, Kaltblut and Fucking Young and worn by Rosalía, Shygirl, Sega Bodega, Bad Gyal and many more. 
Not only she created 6 fashion collection and is now selling her models via the biggest European fashion platform Zalando as the first Slovak designer but also worked on 2 films as a costume maker for which she won Berlin Film Commercial Festival award using design from her collection ,”Feast” for the film “Somebody” by the famous director Jordan Blady premiering on i-D Italia. The second film   “As Above So Bellow'' touched on important social problems such as gypsy cultural acceptance. This film premiered on global digital platform NOWNESS where she made specially 6 designs. 

Where does her inspiration come from, you ask? Even for Dominika it's a hard question:
“I let the inspiration come by itself, personally I go with the flow through every aspect of the life within from the inside or outside environment for example Flora and Fauna, Modern circus, childhood and innocent carefreeness but Pop culture as well” as Dominika said.
The message comes from normalizing the “unnormalized” by pushing the comfort zone with extravagant cuts and technologies alongside with bright colors and structures. In conclusion playfulness is what makes her designs and personality so unique including her principle taking the comfort zone as a social construct that should come from ourselves as individuals not from others.

Líneas de colección

From the historical references and the pomposity of baroque fashion to flora and fauna. That's what makes Dominika´s fairytale designs using clashing materials such as alpaca wool, mohair wool, silk wool and cashmere wool, deadstock materials from warehouse and showrooms in combination with printed stretchy fabrics with hand-painted designs by the designer (Kozáková) multi functioning as a sportswear at the same time providing a wide scale of extraordinary designs with wide scale of application in the form of animals and supernatural beings. One of her most iconic designs are handmade knitted fluffy caps with little ears that can instantly transform you into The Secret Realm of Animals. As unique as her designs are, it depends on each individual which mysterious realm you choose. Instead of transforming into an animal, you feel like you would like to have a little animal companion but you can´t. Dominika has a solution with her animal bags surrounding you at all times. The same applies to the flower lovers with her handmade velvet flower bag that plasters with the floral essence. Her ecological handmade designs locally made in Slovakia or Czech Republic which leads to an acceptable procedure linked with her love for strange cutouts, ruffles and broidery creating capsule collections that explore forward, overthinking´´ and alternative vibrations found on the Planet Dominika.

Playfulness, innocence, mystery and connection with the aspects of Dominika´s life carefully depicted on each piece signifying blasphemy to the modern fashion comfort universe.

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