Deyi in MBFWMadrid

Collection Lines

As in the traditional Chinese paintings where the painter creates harmony on the canvas, this collection intends to create inner harmony through fashion, based on the philosophical concept of YIN & YANG. DEYI 德逸 customers can configure their own attire by choosing two halves of garments that, when joined together, form a set. By assembling two independent items, individuals can actively participate in the design. The multiplicity of combinations becomes a reality, being possible to find as many silhouettes as people.

All humans are inhabited by opposing energies and the philosophy of YIN YANG clothing embodies this complexity of our personalities. Each half of a garment represents, through its silhouette and materials, specific characteristics of the YIN or YANG energies. By putting these two parts together, the balance will be found and the final look as well.

The YIN YANG concept reflects the harmony created by opposing energies. YIN and YANG cannot be defined without each other. They are constantly changing: YIN can become YANG in the same way that YANG can become YIN. Nothing can be completely defined as YIN or completely YANG. The key to a peaceful life lies in finding the balance between these energies that are within each of us.

That is why, by developing genderless clothing that simply responds to one or another energy, this collection tries to get each person to know themselves and feel inner harmony.