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DEVOTA & LOMBA was created in 1986 by Modesto Lomba (Vitoria, 1962) and Luis Devota (Argentina 1962 - Madrid 1993) and became a leading Spanish fashion brand. In 1988 they presented their first collection at Madrid Fashion Week. It took only one year to recognise their talent since they received the Cristóbal Balenciaga Award for the Best New Designers. Their collections have appeared on top fashion catwalks such as San Francisco Fashion Center, Moscow, Belgrade and Zagreb, and have been exhibited in cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, Istanbul, Milan, Paris and New York.

Felipe Santamaría took over from Luis Devota, also an architect, in 1993. In 1995, the firm diversified by creating Bridal, Home and Jewellery collections, among others, and it now has more than 25 product lines.

Modesto Lomba has chaired the Fashion Creators Association of Spain (ACME) since 2000. Interior design and architectural projects were launched in 2005, creating architectural studio DEVOTA & LOMBA ESTUDIO. The firm has always had links with architecture, which impact on its creations.

DEVOTA & LOMBA, which keeps its identity with every project, has always had a role on the stage, in cinema, and in dance, together with renowned companies Nacho Duato and José Maria Flotat. The firm has participated in different fashion exhibitions in Spanish museums and galleries like the IVAM in Valencia, Cerralbo in Madrid, Seville, etc. and at embassies in London, Paris and Portugal.

They participated in the opening ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. D&L made two costumes inspired by the Paralelo de Barcelona street. One of them is still in the Olympic Museum of Lausanne (Switzerland) and the other is in Barcelona City Hall.

Costumes for the work "Art", by Yasmina Reza, directed by Josep María Flotats.

Costumes for the work "Poet" by the National Ballet, directed by Aída Gómez, set design for the Fura dels Baus.

Modesto Lomba is named "Patron of the Cristóbal Balenciaga Foundation".

They design the costumes for the Spanish National Orchestra and Choir.

Collection lines

Chagall "The Walk" (1917)

Raising awareness about our planet’s problems, this work strives to be an example of harmony with the natural environment and respect for living beings. We express our feelings about the fragility of Nature.

We question the misuse of resources, excessive consumption, toxic waste, extinction of species and forests and inefficient policies against climate change.

Reality coexists with fantasy in a play on contrasts, where the earthly and the spiritual, green and purple, masculine and feminine, merge to create an unexpected sense of freedom expressed in flight

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