Candela Nóvoa (Ourense, 1997) started her education in ESDEMGA (Higher Studies on Fashion and Textile Design) in 2016. In 2018, with the retrospective Actually, I don't like the beach, starts to explore the imaginary of holiday and tourism, culminating with her first collection Cool people visit Benidorm in 2020, year when she finished her studies. This collection is based on the souvenir world, creating an own language through stripes prints and hamaca fabric.

Currently, she is working as freelance in fashion industry as product development and also collaborates as stylist in different editorial projects

Collection lines

Cool people visit Benidorm is a fashion collection inspirated in the touristic boom of Benidorm, fascinating phenomenon which supposed a big opening for the Spanish society. Floral and striped prints, aid station posters, fridge magnets and souvenir t-shirts are some of the elements that come together within this proposal, condensed within a sixties aesthetic.

The transversal axis of the collection is the hamaca fabric, whose graphic is reproduced by hand in the rest of the materials, accompanied by vertical silhouettes and a saturated color palette.

Delanovoa in MBFWM

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