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David Laport

David Laport was born in 1986 in Goes: a small town in the Netherlands. He has always been drawn to self-expression, shapes and colours, and he studied theatre before devoting himself to his greatest love: fashion design.

Collaborations with inspiring performers, like the Dutch National Ballet, and creating unique pieces for a prestigious clientèle while freelancing for brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Bijenkorf and We Fashion, was his main focus between 2012 and 2014.

David Laport launched his own label during Amsterdam Fashion Week (January 2014). A warm-up for the fashion parade was held during Paris Fashion Week in September 2015.

From the world of creation, celebrities such as Solange Knowles (MET Gala), Sia and Jessie J have helped raised the brand’s international profile. In July 2017, David Laport won the prestigious Woolmark European Prize in Milan, a great accolade for his career. Furthermore, last year David Laport was chosen to open Amsterdam Fashion Week, a unique opportunity that has helped take his label to the next level and continue his journey as the fashion visionary that he is.

David Laport Show - #MBFWIbiza 2019

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