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David Moss is the brand created by designer David Pérez Martínez, born in Guadalajara on December 3, 1990, he grew up between Guadalajara and Viñuelas, his paternal town. After finishing his basic studies and high school, he studied photography and styling to finally specialize in fashion design at the Escuela Superior de Diseño Madrid (ESDM).

Since he presented his final project his most outstanding works to date are:
The realization of costumes for national artists, influencers and youtubers. 
Costumes for television and internet formats such as "Rupaul drag race UK" and "Elite" on Netflix. 
Tailoring for different clients.

Production of collections:  The brand "DAVIDMOSS" was created focusing on three aspects. Tailoring, online sales and design for shows. It is a brand with a conceptual, innovative and commercial fashion line. Art, avant-garde and show are the bases that create the signature style, where the main element of the design is self-expression and the search for individual identity through fashion.

Collection lines 

We spent about 25 years of our lives sleeping. Of all that time we sleep, it is inevitable that at some point we will dream.   Of all the time we sleep, we inevitably dream at some point, and we estimate that we spend about 8 years of our lives in our dream world.

Everyone is free to attribute meaning to their dreams. Regardless of what they may it is a fact that dreams are fascinating because, although they are so commonplace, they are also sources of mystery, something that has motivated some people to try to interpret them, while science is not very optimistic about whether dreams can be interpreted. 

We all dream, we all know that, but what are dreams? It has been explained to us that they are 
images of the unconscious, which surface once we leave our body at rest. But what if it were something else? 
Accepting man as a dual being gives entry to the existence of a body and a spiritual consciousness. Body and a spiritual consciousness, man as a being beyond a terrestrial body.

This collection shows through the designs the narrative of the phases of sleep. The first white designs reflect the first NON-REM states, a phase of transition from wakefulness to sleep.  This is a transitional phase from wakefulness to sleep and lasts only a few minutes.

The REM or deep sleep stage contains the hallucinatory perceptions, bizarre images that are continuously changing and are dreams so vivid that they sometimes make us doubt whether we are awake or asleep. This is also the time of nightmares and the most complex and shocking dreams. Most of the collection focuses on this period where everything is more fantastic and dazzling, creating looks inspired by the different types of dreams. 

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