Datuna at MBFWMadrid

About Datuna

Datuna Sulikashvili debuted in 2005 as a fashion designer with his first collection while being a student at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. It was the beginning of his successful career full of applauded collections and fashion shows by various buyers and critics from different parts of the world. His theatrical and mostly anticipated shows held at unusual places are the final bows at the fashion weeks and fashion contests. His style is noted to be very feminine with long dresses and mixed attire made of flowing materials with light and heavily patterned materials contrasting each other. His favorite colors are black, beige, red and grey while his textile choice is silk, wool, cashmere. His hand –made embroidery works are breathtaking.The collections are always serene, peaceful, sophisticated and light accompanied by impressive music following the rules and tenets of true couture. Datuna Sulikashvili has participated in various fashion events, such as Benext Fashion Design Contest, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, Georgia Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz fashion Days, Almaty Fashion week, Baku Fashion Week, Astana Fashion Week,Tallinn Fashion Week where his collections are highly appreciated by famous critics.

This is how Godfrey Deeny describes one of his shows: “Georgia’s best staged show was very much by Datuna Sulikashvili, who presented his gothic screen goddess show in a great Constructivist style theater, where models appeared out of the floors on hydraulic platforms and staged precariously at a 45 degree angle as an Oscar winning style star emoted in a diaphanous white dress in a surreal shower made of pages from a novel. Sulikashvili’s strict black pants suits with jade finishes and layered chiffon dresses in burnt orange were also the weekend’s best-cut ideas”.

His famous customers include actresses, singers, politicians. It is worth mentioning that the First Lady of Georgia chose Datuna to design her inaugural outfit as well. His current and future clients shop Datuna’s collections In Tbilisi, Moscow, Minsk, Paris, Almaty, Astana, Sochi, Kiev.

Collection lines

Spring-summer 2023 collection inspired by royal looks shaped by Datuna’s vision is a subject of New Era and its trends. The collection reflects how the personal styles of royal style icons shaped popular fashion and thus is reconnected with the public again. The collection is about 21st century royal looks with a huge influence of fashion making the royalties the trend setters of today, still maintaining the sartorial freedom and independence. A new identity in magenta, black and white palette combined with velvet, leather, rubber, organza and taft fabrics is a strong statement presented in Datuna’s new collection. It is worth mentioning extraordinary knitwear pieces done with taste and accuracy. Datuna’s pieces keep its signature elegance in Origami pleats being important details of the collection. Another decorating accessory - the royal ribbons with different medals delicately accompany the collection as a symbol of the theme. Tailored looks for daytime paired with David Snow sunglasses is a successful formula of Datuna’s collaboration with the brand. The show’s last note is THE MADLENA’s performance.

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