Claro Couture
Fall/Winter 24/25

Claro Couture

Claro Couture at MBFWMadrid

About Claro Couture

With nearly 40 years of history dressing Brides, Guests, and Godmothers, the brand has grown in prestige and brilliance, offering exclusive tailor-made suits and dressing women for their most special moments. It has also become a favorite among celebrities and influencers for their red carpet events.

Fernando Claro and Beatriz Claro, father and daughter creative designers at C L A R O Couture, bring a balanced style to one of the most important bespoke Haute Couture fashion houses in Spain.

Collection lines

Paris in the 1930s established itself as the undisputed capital of the most innovative fashion, art, and culture in Europe, a period historically known as the interwar years. This era witnessed an unprecedented flourishing in artistic innovation, with Paris positioning itself as the epicenter of high fashion so much so that the city became home to legendary fashion designers such as Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, whose influence was crucial in defining the trends and styles of that era. These designers not only set the fashion trends but also influenced culture and social norms through their innovative designs. This significant role in fashion is happening again. Fashion is capable of regenerating people, ghettos, cities, and countries.

We want to encapsulate our collection in all that atmosphere, from the distinctive elegance of the 1930s with flawless cuts, marked waists, and fluid lines to reflect the romantic aura of a city with personality. To the evening dresses, adorned with beading, fringes, and wool appliqués that add a touch of personality and sensuality to those who wear them. The accessories, such as jewelry and headpieces, complement the outfits, reviving the opulence and sophistication of the era.

The fabrics used are luxurious and soft, such as satin, silk, and velvet, presented in dark and rich colors that evoke the wealth of those golden times. The collection stands out for the incorporation of various textures and rigid structures, along with traditional and artisanal accessories, thanks to collaboration with Spanish brands specializing in bags, shoes, hats, and jewelry.

We will see exclusive prints and patterns from CLARO, inspired by Nature and Femininity. The “PARIS” collection invites you to appreciate a romantic mix of beauty and art that was also recognized in the French capital at the time. This collection is a celebration not only of fashion but of the visual narrative that means seeing a woman dressed with intensity and intention.

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