Charlie Smits

Charlie Smits

Charlie Smits at MBFWMadrid

About Charlie Smits

Charlie Smits is a visual artist born in Mallorca in 1999.

From his adolescence he was already an advanced and self-taught artist. He finished his art studies in 2019.

Charlie began to be recognized for his illustrations and paintings, reaching his first solo-exhibitions at the age of fifteen. He has also done work for brands, music artists, fashion capsule collections, and television animations.

In 2021 Charlie moved to Amsterdam to continue developing his pictorial work and sculptures, where he is already considered an emerging artist.

In his imagination we can see his satire on society, and a provocative rebellion through his shapes and colors.

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VISION by Charlie Smiths

There are deeper longings hidden in our psyches than rational thoughts. Fantasies and dreams are generally an outlet for emotions and psychological currents that we cannot include in our daily lives.

"VISION" stands between the fine line between what we conceive as fantasy and reality, inviting us to reflect on what we perceive as real and what is not.

With this collection, Charlie Smits puts us in front of the mirror to face our own way of feeling materiality.

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