Spring/Summer 24


Boltad at MBFWMadrid

About Boltad

Bentino Richoberg, NPC, born in 2000. 

Bentino is just another NPC. He is living and working in New York City. 

One day he has the opportunity to know a number of important people with whom he will soon meet. They are powerful businessmen who have no other opinion than that Richoberg and the rest of people like him are just NPCs, characters who do not control their movements. 

This is what Bentino is willing to change... This is the moment in which we will experience the clash between the protagonists of the story, when Bentino meets with the business people to show them his next project.  

The collection explores the difference between the parties, both in opinions and behavior, in an ironic and funny way, as is already the brand's line. How do they see each other? Will they come to understand each other? Are the businessmen ready to see the energy of the NPCs?.

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