Spring/Summer 24


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About Binya

Vanesa Delgado (Algeciras, 1990) is a designer and multidisciplinary artist based in Seville.
After completing her studies in fashion design, she pursued an internship in Paris and launched her first brand, Oh Shit, specializing in swimwear. In addition to overseeing artistic direction and designing each garment, she dedicated several years to the manufacturing and promotion of her brand, all while working in the fashion industry to self-finance her productions. During this period, she dressed prominent figures such as Rosalía, Rita Ora, Nathy Peluso, Jessie J, and Noa Cyrus, among others, and expanded the brand's presence in stores from Los Angeles to Sydney.
As a result of a powerful process of personal evolution and deconstruction, Vanesa Delgado created BINYA in late 2020, devoting herself exclusively to this venture. This more mature and liberated label embodies her artistic creation, strongly grounded in her own creative play and constant evolution. Since 2021, her collections have been sold in various international stores, and the brand is currently in full development.

Collection lines

Spirituality, the human experience, history, symbols of what we are or aspire to become—these are the tools that structure our steps towards the future and explain how we perceive the things of the past.

Who am I? Who are we? What answers does time offer to enlighten us?

From within, eyes closed, holding onto an invisible guide where you, too, exist on the other side.

It is not about mere knowledge; it is about patiently awaiting the arrival of answers that impact not only the "self" but also the "collective," a collective striving to understand the current world.

Spirituality, in times of change and uncertainty, is the primal and cyclical tool that rescues humanity—a "click" that dispels taboos and societal stigmas; it embraces you like a mist that cannot be seen, but is known with certainty. Objectives become discernible, shaping the appropriate space to perceive the world from its profound depths and, simultaneously, from the most incomprehensible and external vantage point.

As more individuals become interested in spirituality and embark upon its exploration, the potential for positive change in society grows. A deeper connection with one's essence and the universe fosters greater compassion and empathy towards other living beings and the environment.

Aesthetically, the works of other artists who have journeyed the spiritual path, such as Hilma af Klint, Paloma Colman Smith, Leonora Carrington, and Remedios Varo, among many others, have influenced Vanesa in her artistic creation. Specifically, in this collection, the colors emanate from Hilma af Klint's painting "Tree Of Knowledge," radiating its vibrant essence.

In this collection, the design of the prints evokes the multiple ways in which the creator connects with her intuition, woven into a subtle dialogue between the visible and the invisible. Moreover, it establishes a connection with the post-industrial revolution era through accessories and complements that evoke the essence of that time. Thus, a comparison is drawn with another similar yet contrasting era in which spirituality emerged as a guiding force in the pursuit of answers.

Hence, "The Inner Self - The Beyond" is a collection that traverses a visual and aesthetic path where spirituality, mysticism, and the power of being connected to something beyond rational understanding take shape in garments that serve as representations of a bygone time, as well as a future that seeks to imbue the skin with each intangible symbol that illuminates our true inner selves.

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