Arturo de la Rosa

Arturo de la Rosa

Arturo de la Rosa at MBFWMadrid

About Arturo de la Rosa

"Arturo de la Rosa is the space between life and death". 
Rejecting the current fashion system, he seeks to create new narratives in the most sustainable way possible in which the past and the history behind things are the added value of the present, rescuing techniques and materials that have fallen into oblivion, providing unique and unrepeatable fashion pieces. 
Understanding fashion as a channel of expression in which the body speaks and is therefore empowered.

Collection lines 

RESCUE - Unearth Spain and its history, through the study of documents and archives of typical costumes of the country and catalogs of style icons.

Reinterpretation of icons and costumbrist clothing adapting them to a current situation, with an eye on day-to-day art, the value of union, nature and Spanish folklore, playing with the socio-cultural contrasts of the country. 

The entire collection is worked on with fabrics and garments that are collected through donations and searches through the streets of the cities. 

We try to work as much as possible with natural fibers and fabrics, since they are ideal for carrying out natural coloring processes and textile manipulation.

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