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About Anystudio

Lorenzo Binard and Elisabet Vallecillo met in Barcelona in 2020, when they started working together for Colmillo de Morsa. Lorenzo arrived from Paris a couple of years before and, in love with the atmosphere and light of the city, he decided to stay to finish his studies in art direction and undertake his personal projects. Elisabet had been working at Colmillo de Morsa for years and she saw in Lorenzo that freshness and energy that she had felt at the beginning of her career.

They immediately realized that they shared concerns and sensitivities and soon began to value the idea of materializing one of Lorenzo's projects, the Anystudio brand: a brand with no gender in mind, a free brand that focused on enjoying that creative process and broke the norms established by current fashion.

Collection lines

The collection serves as a reference point to define the ideology of our brand, modern and conscious, sensitive and brave, but more than anything emancipated from any type of norms, gender norms, styling, sexuality, social conventions, etc. We want everyone to feel comfortable dressing however they want without having to think about anything other than their own expression and individuality. So we've removed everything else. Our clothing is gender-inclusive, our sizes refer to the body and not gender. Our premises: any can be anyone, any can be everything, it can be individual and particular but we are connected by what unites us, an idea of a liberated society that respects and applauds each one. 

The fabrics combine cotton, silk wool, recycled wool, tencel... With denim as an icon of the empowered generation, we developed a collection that is born from the urban genre and is mixed with more delicate fabrics such as silk and with more structured garments that come from tailoring. Some garments are literally split in two and divided between a men's look and a woman's look, a garment for each, which when put together becomes complete. The prints include analog photographs of our travels, our inspirations, the urban landscape that surrounds us, turning these garments into a postcard. 

All these concepts are reflected in our collection: liberation, broken chains, creative freedom, a mix of artistic means, textures, transparencies, prints... Because in the end Anystudio is much more than a clothing brand. It is the will to claim, to mix and collaborate, to use all the means at our disposal to materialize our ideas and our way of understanding fashion.

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