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Anel Yaos

Transmitting the surreal side of things and looking from another point of view is his leitmotiv.

In the creative process and when studying his collections, Anel Yaos has the seventies and eighties, ambiguity, evolution, volumes, layering, the genderless and attracting attention in mind.

Anel Yaos trained at the Seville School of Art in 2005. In 2007, he studied window dressing at the Seville School of Art; in 2009, Design and Fashion Management at the Ceade-Leonardo School, Seville; in 2014 Fashion and Communication (innovation, creativity and new professional challenges) at the Pablo de Olavide School, Seville; and in 2014, he did a Master in Styling, Art Direction and Advertising at the Felicidad Duce Higher School of Design and Fashion in Barcelona.

Anel Yaos presented his first A/W 14 collection, entitled The Other Side of Heaven, at Andalusia Fashion Week, winning the Best Young Designer Award in Andalusia. With the same designs, he won the prize for the best collection in the Lesley Nicole Sekulich Awards competition; also showing them in ZONE D at Valencia Fashion Week. He returned to the same catwalk, with his second S/S 14 collection, Rohumine and won the award for the best emerging designer, which opened the doors to the main VFW catwalk in later editions, with his third S/S collection 15 2255 (Twenty-two fifty-five), also showing in South Cádiz.

He presented his S/S collection 16 2256 (Twenty-two fifty-six), the sequel to the previous collection, together with the A/W 17 Coven collection in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid EGO Showroom. He repeated this on the South Cádiz catwalk with Coven. Once again, he returned to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid EGO showroom with a new XXLS S/S 17 capsule collection.

He presented the A/W18 Odaxelagnia collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion and also at the EGO showroom at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid. Finally, he presented his new collections A/W 19 Ansia and A/W 20Paradise, at the Samsung EGO catwalk and showroom at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid.

On 2 February he will reveal his new collection for SS 20, entitled Monsters, on the EGO catwalks at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

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