Andrew Pocrid
Fall/Winter 24/25

Andrew Pocrid

Andrew Pocrid at MBFWMadrid

About Andrew Pocrid

Firm created by the young Cordovan Andrés Pozuelo. He studied design at the Istituto Marangoni, Milan. Passionate about fashion since his childhood, upon his return he managed to make his firm one of the most sought after in the Red Carpet of his native country. He dresses a woman with a strong personality and self-confidence. He works with sophisticated designs, first quality materials and a pattern that enhances the woman with a remarkable elegance and sensuality.

Collection lines

Alyana “El Paraíso” is a collection inspired by the designer's homeland, Córdoba. Emulating the essence of the city according to his vision and avoiding its typical clichés, Andrew has captured the town’s nature from a sophisticated point of view through a very fashionable autumn winter collection.

At Alyana we will find ultra-feminine and fitted silhouettes that enhance the female figure combined with wide, high-volume skirts. The fabrics that will be used are silk velvet, paillettes, rhinestones, taffeta and pleated organza.

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