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Álvaro Calafat

Álvaro Calafat at MBFWMadrid

About Álvaro Calafat

Alvaro Calafat is a Spanish fashion designer, founder of the brand Alvaro Calafat 1995. He was born in the mid 90's in Malaga, specifically in Torremolinos, a coastal town in the south of Andalusia, where he spent his youth near the sea, the culture of the region and flamenco.

After a very lively youth, he decides to study fashion design, in his second year he presents his first collection, "Tobalo", where he begins to develop as a young designer, months later he presents "Qarmida" an extension of the first collection where he lays the foundations of knitting, among other techniques. The years of career passed and in his final thesis was born "Chapter 1 Unbalance" where he exhibited the toxic attitudes that affect the fashion world. This professional collection opened the doors to 080 Barcelona, a platform that professionally trained the designer and with which, months later, he presented "Cap 2 Recuerdo". This collection presents the designer, showing his personal museum of memories, as if they were kept in his head as works of art. At the same time, he studied his master's degree in Womenswear at UAL. At this point the brand begins to have international repercussions with publications in various Vogue, dressing celebrities such as Nathy Peluso, Marc Forné or Samantha Hudson.

After a pandemic, he worked to embark on his next project, which will be presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid: "3LeMorte", this new collection full of symbolism, quality and change, will lay the foundations of the house, going from being a boy who made collections to a profitable company with a future and international projection. Alvaro Calafat's debut on the MBFW MADRID platform shows how the house has evolved and how we will discover a new universe.

Collection Lines

"3LeMorte" is Alvaro Calafat's 3rd collection. This project was born from the death of one of Alvaro's best friends. The concept of death has always been present in everyone's life, but it is never assumed as just another process. With the passing of the weeks, a trip to India and a lot of reading, we discovered Khajuraho, the temple that defines that the two extremes of Love are death and sex. Both concepts define love in its most intense form, one means the beginning and the other the end, but both are summed up in peaks of love so intense that they seem inhuman. This taught us that this process has to be lived in the healthiest possible way and thus learn to live better.

What would life be like without an ending? How would we live without time? Every story has to have an ending and none of us can choose how our story ends.

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