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The Collection

Deconstructive heads

“Geometry was for the deconstructivists what ornament was for postmodernists" - Venturi

The "DECONSTRUCTIVE HEADS" collection is focused on the design, prototyping and development of "head accessories". Re-named as "portable objects", a perfect excuse to crown the head with a distinctive piece, a piece that can be unique, that directly identifies and interacts with its wearer, using Samsung devices as a nexus of communication and interaction. The concept of "portable structures" is addressed in terms of typologies and morphologies, which can be built and deconstructed using modules, achieving almost abstract accessories. The inspiration behind this collection is the "Deconstructivist Movement" reflected in organic forms, fragmented, distorted and complex geometries... a product of the incorporation of new technologies for its construction (hardware: machinery, electronics) and IT design tools (software). The conception of this collection is based on the liberation from geometry and rules in general.