Fall/Winter 24/25


Acromatyx at MBFWMadrid

About Acromatyx

Xavi Garcia and Franx de Cristal, founders of the fashion brands 44STUDIO, and recently, 
In their career, they have developed creative direction in different disciplines such as hairdressing, making SALON44 an international benchmark, styling, performance, as well as design and experience in avant-garde brands such as their 44STORE project. 

"Since our beginnings, we have shown a firm commitment to Spanish fashion, presenting ten collections in different formats within the MBFWMADRID calendar and being present at the Paris and London Fashion Week. 

Our new project, ACROMATYX, is a natural evolution of the firm 44STUDIO, maintaining the same values of passion for fashion, honesty and authenticity that characterized it, but with a renewed concern to offer our particular vision of handmade tailoring adapted to the new times. 

For this reason, and with the aim of maintaining our ethical commitment to the vision of modern fashion, we like to collaborate with local brands and artisans, who bring expertise and tradition to our project".

Collection lines

The collection is divided into three parts, representing three different moments in electronic music.

Starting with minimalist tailoring, with straight or fitted lines and round necks.

Then we move on to the layering of garments, with oversized and urban tailoring, where classic lines are mixed with knitted and cotton sportswear.

Finally, we look for straight lines with more fluid fabrics that take us into the night.

The color black is the point of union, which changes its shades depending on the fabric, from the matte of cold wool, cloth, chiffon or cotton to the shine of liquid metal, organza, sequins and rhinestones coexisting all together

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