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22 January 2024

Forum of Ibero-American women and associations in the bakery space of InterSICOP 2024

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CEOPPAN will have a space at the trade sehow where it will hold a full programme of seminars and technical bakery demonstrations.

From 17 to 20 February 2024, InterSICOP, the International Bakery, Confectionery, Ice Cream, Coffee and Equipment Show organised by IFEMA Madrid, will once again be a benchmark event for professional bakers thanks to a full programme organised by the Spanish Confederation of Bakery, Confectionery, Pastry, Viennese Pastry and Allied Industries (CEOPPAN).

CEOPPAN technical seminars and demonstrations at InterSICOP 2024

As usual, the organisation will bring together the Ibero-American Bakery Associations to discuss current issues affecting the sector. And not only that, the following activities will take place in a fully equipped workshop:

- Demonstration by Yohan Ferrant, director of the Baking School Barcelona Sabadell.

Of French origin, he has made a qualitative leap in bakery training in Spain. He has also made the use of flours from ancient wheat and sourdoughs very popular.

In 2022, Ferrant published Oh Là Là!, a book on creative bakery and pastry making in which he reflects his way of understanding the profession. It is an essential manual that is frequently consulted by any bakery or school that wants to delve deeper into the world of doughs.

- Forum of women bakers

This forum, which aims to reevaluate the role of women in the bakery sector, will bring together leading professionals to exchange opinions, experiences and knowledge.

- Demonstration of Club Richemont Portugal

Since 2020, Club Richemont Portugal has been dedicated to spreading the teaching of the art of patisserie, dignifying the master baker/pastry chef and promoting public recognition of the entire bakery, pastry, confectionery and chocolate sector in society.

- Demonstration by master pastry chef David Nicolás "Somos la Pera".

David Nicolás, second generation of the Ramflor Pastry Shop in Logroño, will present Somos la Pera, the dessert with which he took part in the Acyre National Cookery and Confectionery Championship. The dessert is a tribute to the pears of Rincón del Soto and a reminder of his childhood spent driving his Vespino through the pear trees.

CEOPPAN has also announced a tasting of bread paired with EVOO oil, silver medal at Olive Japan 2021, and another tasting of food from La Rioja accompanied by bread.

5th National Artisan Bakery Championship

CEOPPAN is also the organiser of the National Artisan Bakery Championship (, which will be held at InterSICOP for the fifth time.

During the competition, the nine competitors will have to prepare, knead, form and bake breads, flaky and fermented pastries, a savoury snack and an artistic piece on a free theme using at least three different types of dough. In addition, they will have to present the final table, paying special attention to the order of presentation, visual impact, volume, homogeneity and harmony.

The participants' work will be assessed by a jury chaired by Jesús Sánchez, technical director of the national Los Espigas team; Mari Cruz Barón, deputy director of the Baking School Barcelona Sabadell; José Roldán, Los Espigas selector and 2015 Spanish baking champion, and Matteo Cunsolo, president of Club Richemont Italia, as well as two professional experts from the sector who will act as observers and technical support.

In the last edition, held at InterSICOP in 2022, the victory went to Samuel Suárez, from Alimerka (Lugo de Llanera, Asturias), who also received the award for best pastries and best savoury snack. Other winners of the competition: Daniel Flecha (2019), third generation of a well-known family of bakers from León; Juan Antonio Pérez (2017), fourth generation of the century-old bakery La Moderna in Las Navas del Marqués in Ávila, and José Roldán (2015).

More about CEOPPAN

Founded in 1977 under the name of CEOPPAN, it is a benchmark organisation in training, research and defence of the interests of the traditional and artisan bakery sector in Spain. In 2018 it changed its name to CEOPPAN as it also began to bring together pastry and bakery associates.