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03 January 2024

Spain's best chocolates, MMAPE winners and vegan ice cream at InterSICOP 2024 technical seminars

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Top pastry chefs and ice cream makers will be giving high-level demonstrations and presentations at InterSICOP 2024 in line with the latest market trends.

Del 17 al 20 de febrero de 2024, InterSICOP, Salón Internacional de Panadería, Pastelería, Heladería, Café y Equipamiento que organiza IFEMA Madrid, volverá a ser el marco de interesantes ponencias y demostraciones técnicas impartidas por reconocidos maestros pasteleros y heladeros.

Estos seminarios, de acceso gratuito, son uno de los platos fuertes de InterSICOP. Como en anteriores ediciones, los visitantes tendrán la oportunidad de ver trabajar en directo a grandes chefs, y conocer de primera mano sus técnicas, recetas y últimas investigaciones.

The following are the presentations that have been confirmed so far.

  • Saturday  February 17th 2024: 11 a.m.

Alejandro de Miguel

Fermented beverages in ice cream parlours

Alejandro De Miguel (La Tramontana, Madrid) will be explaining the advantages of fermentation in ice cream at InterSICOP 2024. In addition to being a good marketing tool, fermentation opens up a world of new flavours and combinations. And it even makes it possible to take advantage of wasted ingredients that are usually discarded, such as fruit skins.

  • Saturday  February 17th 2024: Noon

Raúl Bernal

Championship chocolates

At InterSICOP 2024 there will also be room for championship chocolates. Raúl Bernal (By LaPaca, Huesca), champion of the DPAS Award for the Best Artisan Bonbon in Spain, will demonstrate his mastery in this field.

  • Sunday February 18th 2024: 4 p.m.

Óscar Palacio

In search of new ice cream formats

Óscar Palacio (Helados Artesanos Palacio, Alicante) will show at InterSICOP 2024 that ice cream can be innovative. From a crunchy element, he will create ice cream tacos and sandwiches to enjoy with your hands.

  • Monday February 19th 2024: 10.30 a.m.

Marcos Díaz

The new MMAPEs

At InterSICOP 2022, Marcos Díaz won the title of Best Master Artisan Pastry Chef of Spain (MMAPE). He returns in 2024 to talk about his experience in the competition and to elaborate some of the creations he presented at the championship.

  • Monday February 19th 2024: 11.30 a.m.

Irene Iborra

When ice cream evokes memories

His ice cream parlour Mamá Heladera has recently been recognised by Barcelona City Council with the Commerce of Proximity Award. Her business philosophy is as attractive as it is peculiar: based on neurogastronomy, she gives customers the opportunity to relive their memories through ice cream.

At InterSICOP 2024 he will explain his method and prepare some of these souvenir ice creams live.

  • Monday February 19th 2024: 4 p.m.

Lluc Crussellas

World champion chocolate creations

In 2022, Lluc Crusellas made history by being proclaimed World Chocolate Masters. Not only did he become the youngest winner in the history of the competition, but he was also the only Spaniard to do so to date.

At InterSICOP 2024, in addition to giving tips and techniques for working chocolate, he will be preparing live some of the pieces he presented at the WCM.

  • Tuesday February 20th 2024: 11 a.m.

Jordi Guillem

Icing applications with green vanilla

Jordi Guillem, delegate of the Spanish team that won runner-up in the 2018 Ice Cream World Cup, will showcase the great potential of green vanilla from frozen applications at InterSICOP 2024.

  • Tuesday February 20th 2024: Noon

Ester Roelas

Tea biscuits: the sun and the moon

Pastry chef Ester Roelas, who runs a successful training centre in Badalona (Barcelona), will discover at InterSICOP 2024 how to innovate in tea pastries to increase impulse sales.

  • Tuesday February 20th 2024: 4 p.m.

Luis Luque

New fat profile in vegan ice cream: comparison of 3 pistachio ice creams.

Veganism at the service of sustainability is the central theme of the Arte Heladero Award for the Best Final Project 2023 of the University Expert Course in Artisan Ice Cream Making (University of Alicante). Luis Luque has written a methodical approach to vegan ice cream, a field that is very topical in the sector and which he will discuss at InterSICOP 2024.