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30 September 2020

The Women’s Forum has arrived. This initiative will drive leadership and balance in the agri-food sector

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In Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect, on 14 and 15 October

• Organised by Fruit Attraction and Siete Agromarketing, there will be two virtual sessions on 14 and 15 October as part of Fruit Attraction LiveConnect. During the sessions, participants will explore ways to promote more women’s leadership and balance in the agri-food supply chain, with values such as communication and visibility, personal branding and digital reputation • To attend the sessions you must first create a professional profile on the Fruit Attraction LIVEConnnect platform by clicking this link and entering invitation code: FA200000003PE

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) established by the UN on gender equality and empowerment of women and girls, Fruit Attraction and Siete Agromarketing are launching the Women’s Forum. The initiative will promote women’s leadership and balance within the agri-food sector in general and the fruit and vegetable sector in particular.

This first edition of Women’s Forum will be held under the umbrella of Fruit Attraction LiveConnect (from 1 to 30 October), the world's largest marketplace for the fruit and vegetable trade community.

Two virtual sessions

There will be two virtual sessions on 14 and 15 October, each lasting an hour and a half. The Women's Forum will address two key aspects of achieving balanced leadership in the fruit and vegetable sector that are already being addressed.

The session on 14 October has been entitled Women who grow, communicating to eliminate barriers, and will have an opening presentation to be followed by a Leadership Dialogue with four figures from several economic and business fields. There will be a specialised moderator who will lead a dialogue on how to approach communication and how this tool can contribute to personal and professional growth in the agri-food field.

The session on 15 October, entitled Visibility, personal brand and digital reputation, will also have an opening presentation before the Leadership Dialogues block. This meeting will address how to build a personal brand with the right professional visibility, and how to bring that added value to the digital context in which today’s agri-food sector specialises.

The event can be followed through the hashtag #women’sforum and #FruitAttraction   #LIVEConnect

Joint organisation

Fruit Attraction and Siete Agromarketing are the creators of the Mujer AGRO brand, a project they have been working on since 2017. The idea is to achieve agri-food equality and to fulfil a need to increase the visibility of agroprofessional women within the fruit and vegetable sector.

There are more and more women in positions of responsibility within the sector, but there are still few women in leadership positions. Changing this situation, and putting these women in a position to empower many other women, is the basis of this Union for Equality of two successful projects, with many links between them, working together to achieve the same goal: to draw attention to the role of Agroprofessional Women in the fruit and vegetable sector at a pivotal moment for the industry.

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