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29 September 2022

Natural produce deserves a natural package from WESTROCK

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Global legislation and bans, brand and retailer sustainability goals, and changing consumer preferences have been key drivers of new innovation in produce packaging.

Growing demand for sustainable packaging has growers and brands seeking alternatives to their existing plastic packaging. WestRock’s new EverGrow™ collection of fiber-based packaging is an easy-to-recycle solution designed specifically for produce. The collection is available for a wide range of produce types and allows brands to reduce or eliminate plastic up to 100% with select styles. EverGrow™ offers brands a fully integrated packaging solution with compelling sustainability, aesthetics, and automation benefits.

Made from renewable paperboard, this new line of produce packaging not only provides an original aesthetic, but also allows for curbside recyclability when emptied and flattened.* The collection enhances shelf presence with fully customizable designs and features. EverGrow™ is available in a range of WestRock substrate and coating options to meet product requirements. Unlike rigid plastic packaging alternatives, brands can print directly on the package, both outside and inside, to maximize branding and shelf appeal. Die-cut venting adds additional product visibility, and unique handles can be incorporated to further differentiate on-shelf.

EverGrow™ pairs with WestRock’s PFS 500 automation systems for fully automated forming. WestRock designed machinery allows a material-machinery matched solution which lowers risk and increases flexibility to design solutions tailored to customers’ needs. In addition, the PFS 500-Flange machinery enables the punnet styles to be formed in a way that minimizes modification to customers’ existing downstream sealing equipment. By adapting to current footprint and processes, this solution lowers the barrier to entry for customers and enables a seamless transition away from hard-to-recycle plastics.

Substrate and coating research enabled easy denesting while maintaining food contact, recyclability, printability, and gluability. EverGrow™ formats are designed to be sturdy and rigid to withstand a complex chain. The first application of EverGrow™ is a 4-sided punnet for snacking tomatoes that delivered to a major US retailer in the summer of 2022.

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*contingent upon type of barrier coating required


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