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22 September 2022

VOG becomes HOME OF APPLES, the consortium's new concept unveileden home of apples

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Origin, expertise, sustainability, products and brands are the elements that make up the VOG of tomorrow: a home where you can find the right apple and the best experts in the sector.

There is a place where you can find the best apples for every need and find the most competent interlocutors, able to make the best use of the local origin, and also committed to sustainability for the good of future generations. This is Home of apples, the new concept of the VOG Consortium, presented today to the press and operators in the sector.

Home of apples represents the present and the future of the Consortium. Four elements make up the architecture of the new Home of apples: origin, expertise, sustainability, products and brands. The four factors that have always been part of VOG's DNA now take on new meaning, as illustrated at the digital event held today.

"For seventy-five years our Consortium has been a force for innovation and development in South Tyrolean fruit growing," said VOG President Georg Kössler. "From 1945 to the present day, we have faced numerous challenges and changes, never backing down and always improving our organization to meet the demands of new markets. Today I am proud to present a new chapter in our history, a concept that looks to the future in order to be stronger every day in valuing our partners, employees and our entire organization."

CEO Walter Pardatscher also wanted to celebrate this decisive moment live on stage at the event, which was moderated by Sabine Oberhollenzer, head of public relations at VOG. "Today we celebrate a new page in our history and open the doors to our home, built on a foundation of competence, trust, authority and quality. With our five hundred and fifty thousand tons of harvest per year and presence in seventy-five international markets, VOG is a benchmark that enjoys the recognition of the entire industry. Thanks to Home of apples, we are systematically applying our way of working and highlighting this important positioning on the market, in a project that includes our entire production chain."

The origin is the first element of the new concept. With altitudes ranging from two hundred to one thousand meters, in South Tyrol - South Tyrol every apple finds its ideal habitat. A strong thermal oscillation between day and night and three hundred days of sunshine a year create the perfect conditions for ripening, while the soil, with its low clay content and rich in sand, favors the development of the apple trees' roots. "In our territory the alpine climate allies with the Mediterranean, creating the perfect conditions for the production of high quality apples," explained the director, Pardatscher.  "Here, for generations, farmers have carefully tended the land and their orchards, choosing the varieties best suited to the different altitudes and the various terrains. This alliance between man and nature has made South Tyrol a true cradle of apples, known and appreciated the world over."

The second element of Home of apples is expertise. An expertise that starts from the four thousand six hundred farmers, goes through the twelve cooperatives and reaches the sales, quality control, administration, logistics, marketing and public relations departments. "More than ten thousand hands work every day to bring the best apples to tables all over the world," said VOG sales manager Klaus Hölzl. "These hands are united by a willingness to cooperate to increase and share their expertise: from our growers, who combine the knowledge of generations to the drive to update and introduce new techniques, to the cooperatives, which guarantee quality, safety and traceability, and to our marketing team, where we develop innovative strategies and offer an efficient, flexible and timely service. This is how we create value for our fruit-growing partners, customers and all collaborators, all the way to the end consumer."

Sustainability is the third factor in the VOG system. Environmental sustainability, but also economic and social sustainability, as quality manager Kathrin Pirchstaller explains: "Our apples are a resource for the entire region and for our children, which is why it is essential to preserve our environmental resources as well as to ensure the productivity and value of the crops. This is why, together with other members of the South Tyrolean apple farming sector, we have created the sustainapple project: in addition to promoting the use of low environmental impact practices, we are using innovation and cutting-edge technology to ensure the lasting well-being of our production chain for decades to come."

Products and brands are the remaining element to complete the Home of apples mosaic. From the Marlene® brand, to Pink Lady®, Kanzi®, envy™ and yello®, JazzTM and SweeTango®, to new generation apples such as RedPop®, Giga® and Cosmic Crisp® and to organic varieties and brands, the VOG assortment is able to offer the right apple to meet any requirement all twelve months of the year.

"Faced with increasingly diversified markets, our Consortium has been able to develop, with great foresight, a variety program that today allows us to be among the leaders in the apple sector. In addition, our production represents approximately one third of the Italian crop and 6% of the European crop," explains Hannes Tauber, VOG's marketing manager. "In our house there will always be the certainty of being able to find the apple you are looking for, as well as the experts able to guide customers in the choice and the construction at the point of sale of an attractive and quality assortment at any time of the year."

Origin, expertise, sustainability, products and brands are, therefore, the strengths with which VOG, Home of apples, looks to the markets in the new apple season, to provide a point of reference for all those who deal with apples, worldwide enter

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