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21 June 2019

VIVEROS GUZMÁN will be present at Flower & Garden Attraction

Flower&Garden Attraction
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Viveros Guzmán group has a great team of specialists that is always at the service of our customers. This is complemented by a group of suppliers who provide quality and service at the highest level, fusing this with very competitive prices, besides production management with climate control and water recovery, environmentally-friendly waste handling and optimization.

At Flower & Garden Attraction we will put at your disposal the widest range of products and services on the market for plants of all types and gardening products, thanks to our network of production centres and our human and commercial resources structure.

In Alhaurín de la Torre, we have Cortijo Blanco, an area of around 320,000 m2 where we grow palms, trees, and all kinds of plants. And in Arroyo Hondo, we produce pot shrubs and medium-sized garden plants, all under plastic. In addition, in Lagar de las Pitas, we have a total of 180,000 m2 devoted to the production of small-size indoor and outdoor plants.

In El Ejido, Almeria, we have pot production centres in typical greenhouses in the area, and we also have numerous plant producers growing exclusively for us. In the main, and thanks to the unique climate there, they focus on the production of indoor plants of various species such as Pothos, Schefflera, Ficus, Aglaonema, Philodendron, Strelitzia, Hedera, and many more.

In Cártama (Málaga), in Fahala, we have 50,000 m2 for the production of plants in soil of such varieties as Phoenix Canariensis, Arecastrum and Washingtonia Robusta. And at Jardines de la Gamera, our production centre in Churriana (Málaga), we have some 16,000 m2 of specialized greenhouses for the acclimatization of large palm trees which are up to 10 metres high. It also serves for the production of all kinds of exotic plants, especially palms and potted plants. And in Lebrija (Seville), we have a floor area dedicated exclusively to the production of Washingtonia and Dracaena. 

In addition, we have a farm in Costa Rica, in the heart of Central America dedicated to the in-soil production of all kinds of tropical and unique plants, and it also produces all types of indoor plants for subsequent importation to Spain. We have a wide variety of unique species to offer our customers making up a range of very innovative products, including Arecas, Codiaeum (croton), Livistona, Phoenix Robellini, etc.

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