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24 May 2022


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VIP, Val Venosta is launching a unique initiative for its BIO apples.Thanks to the BioGraphy project, with just a few clicks, consumers can access the website of the producer who grew and harvested the apples they are buying, see their face and learn about their history. The BioGraphy project, which has grown year after year with the incorporation of new producers, now has 280 members, and fits perfectly with one of VIP's main axes: the model of conscious cultivation and consumption which is the cornerstone of its strategy, as it encapsulates the values that underpin all the Consortium's activities: transparency, traceability and the guarantee of origin. The aim of the project is to provide the consumer of an organic apple with information that is not only transparent, but also has a strong emotional impact with added value, informing them about the origin of the product and enriching their purchasing and consumption experience.

The way this initiative works is simple: on the packaging of Val Venosta organic apples there are personalised labels with a QR code and the name of the producer himself. The way to access useful information is therefore twofold: more "digital" consumers can scan the QR code and be taken directly to the individual farmer's web page, while more "traditional" consumers can go to and enter the name and surname of the "organic farmer" in the appropriate field. In both cases, the consumer will have access to texts, photos and videos that will guide them to a wealth of information about the origin of the apples they have bought: peculiarities of the farmer, curiosities about his farm (including the precise location), but also technical information about cultivation and harvesting. The content of the website is meticulously designed to tell all aspects of organic production in Val Venosta, thanks to the testimony of producers who "show their face" with passion and pride.

Fabio Zanesco, VIP Commercial Director -