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15 July 2022

VALENTE IBERICA, technical solutions for orchards

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Valente Iberica was founded in 2022 and is a commercial and production reference point for the Iberian market of Valente Srl, a company founded in Italy in 1963 and an international leader in the design and production of technical solutions for orchards.

For over 50 years Valente has been advising growers to make the most suitable choices for their needs and supports them throughout the life cycle of the products, including concrete poles, which marked the beginning of its trajectory, covers for all types of environmental threats (rain, hail, sun, insects) and all the accessories needed to create a complete system.

Their task is to guarantee the support and protection of various crops: apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, cherry trees, kiwis, vines, but also hops, pomegranate trees, banana trees and citrus trees. They design and produce different types of systems, which are adapted to the management model chosen by the customer, in order to guarantee high quality and production standards. To improve the performance of their customers' crops and protect them against atmospheric and environmental threats, each type of system can be equipped with various types of coverings, also combined with each other, called ValenteProtect©.

In fact, when "undertaking" in the agricultural world, they have to take into account a much higher percentage of existing risk than in other activities, which depends on natural calamities. Often, all the work of a season is irretrievably lost because of a heavy storm, a hailstorm or an unforeseen period of drought or insect infestation.

The only way to minimize this risk is to protect crops with effective cover systems. Although there are different types, they all share the characteristic of being POLYFUNCTIONAL. This means that they perform several functions simultaneously in order to guarantee, at the same time, protection in fields used in various ways, against sun, rain, hail, wind and insects.

Apart from the common functions, each type of cover has a distinctive feature, which makes it particularly well suited to certain fields of use.

 Their particular covering systems are specifically named as follows:

ValenteProtect© Hail - ValenteProtect© Rain - ValenteProtect© Sun - ValenteProtect© Insects.

Each system is composed of a series of elements: support poles for protective nets/canvases, post caps, netting support plates, fasteners and accessories to facilitate installation and maintenance.

All of them are made with the best materials to guarantee resistance and durability over time.

Valente Iberia will be exhibiting at Fruit Attraction at stand 4C13.

+39 0495565855