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21 June 2022


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Plastic solutions that also respond to climate change

The main plastic products that the company will present at Fruit Attraction 2022 are the Frubox and Foldbox boxes. Two models of boxes designed to eliminate disposable packaging and promote reuse by rotating the boxes during imports and exports of fruit and vegetables, in turn allowing companies to save costs.

Its catalog also includes other products such as multipurpose boxes, valid for harvesting, ripening and storage of agricultural products, pallets or anti-slip floors, among others.

Troqueles y Moldes de Galicia, S.A. (Tromosa) is a company with more than 40 years of history dedicated to the world of plastics. It carries out two main activities: the design and manufacture of molds for plastic injection, and the manufacture by plastic injection of boxes and other elements for transport and packaging oriented especially for the agricultural and fishing sectors.

This extensive experience and proximity to its customers have enabled the company to develop a small but carefully studied catalog that offers safe, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Tromosa is highly committed to climate change and has the circular economy in its DNA: not only does it recycle the plastic from the mold tests it develops, but it also takes care of all the plastic parts it produces until the end of their useful life, converting its own waste into raw material.

Being a manufacturer from the mold to the final product, it controls all processes and is able to meet orders with guaranteed quality and service: large stock, fast deliveries, product customization and customer-oriented service.

For further information, please contact email phone: 981 576 600