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21 June 2022


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Castilla y León is a true reflection of the importance of the agricultural sector in Spain and thanks to this it has become Europe's pantry for quality agri-food products from Castilla y León.

The Tierra de Sabor brand was presented in March 2009, with the ambitious objective of highlighting the enormous potential of the agri-food sector of Castilla y León. Currently, the brand is used by more than 900 companies in the region, which bring together more than 6,000 products under the yellow Tierra de Sabor umbrella. It is also worth mentioning the important communication effort made within the framework of the promotion and marketing plans during these years, which include advertising campaigns, collaborations or promotional actions focused on target audiences. All of them have resulted in Tierra de Sabor becoming a well-known brand.

The interest in healthy products, of better quality and rooted in the territory poses a series of challenges and objectives that allow the development of the agri-food industry and, in parallel, meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers. Challenges that are addressed from the Quality Brand Tierra de Sabor.

Link to the Tierra de Sabor spot on YouTube