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16 December 2020

'The plan is to take care of yourself. Are you joining? ', A TROPICAL MILLENIUM campaign to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy, flexible and conscious diet

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Tropical Millenium, specialist in exotic fruit, launches this initiative that was born to promote eating habits that allow us to be healthier and therefore live better.

Healthy eating is one of today's consumer trends. Not only at home, but also outside, the 'healthy' has taken a leading role in the consumer decision. This is a reality that gained even more importance after the health crisis of COVID 19, with which there has been a change in values ​​in consumers.

Healthy eating has gained ground in recent months. Now, 53.3 percent of Spaniards consume more healthy products than before COVID 19, according to the study promoted by AECOC, the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors, which also reflects that 62.7 percent of the population will eat better than it did before the pandemic.

With the aim of promoting healthy lifestyle habits among consumers, bringing them closer to tools that help them make better decisions for their health and well-being, the initiative ‘The Plan is taking care of yourself. You add up?'. It is a long-term project promoted by Tropical Millenium through which the company wants to share and disseminate knowledge regarding healthy, flexible and conscious eating, all in an audiovisual format and guided by the nutritionist Marina López.

These are times when taking care of yourself is a challenge and also a necessity. For this reason, in the campaign ‘The Plan is to take care of yourself. Are you joining in? '' Will address such important issues for consumers as food in the face of COVID 19, the appropriate way to introduce more fruits and vegetables into the diet or the importance of knowing how to differentiate good processed from ultra-processed at the time to do the shopping for the home. In short, content aimed at providing consumers with the necessary tools that allow them to be more aware and responsible in everything related to their lifestyle.

Many scientific studies show the close relationship between diet and physical, mental and emotional health.

For years we have lived a predisposition to take care of ourselves and feed ourselves, the health situation we live in has reinforced this trend making it a priority. It is valuable to have an adequate and healthy diet to be healthy and therefore relate better.

‘The Plan is to take care of yourself. Do you join in? '' Began after the confinement with the first audiovisual installment, entitled 'Food in time of Covid-19'. In this block, Marina López addressed the role that food plays in the immune system and about which are the best foods for it to face the coronavirus.

Subsequently, users are having the opportunity to learn about other topics such as the management of emotional hunger or the health recommendations to disinfect fruits and vegetables before their intake among a myriad of topics. In addition, always with active listening to attend to suggestions and / or requests from the audience. The contents are being disseminated through social networks such as Facebook, the nutrition channel on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram, as well as support from the emailing campaign.

“We are always learning and this space will be an opportunity to be healthier and live better. These are new times where taking care of yourself is the challenge because we are what we eat, we are what we think, we are what we feel and we are what we do ”. declares Vanesa Moreno as director of corporate marketing and responsible for the project.

About Tropical Millenium

Tropical Millenium is a company that produces and markets tropical fruit in Europe. The company was founded by Miguel Páez and Carlos Portoles in 2002. Avocado and mango are the protagonists of Axarquía, the main land of tropical cultivation where the facilities and the reason for the activity are located. At the end of 2014, a new partner, Javier Fernández, joined. In 2015 papaya was added to the product portfolio, and in 2019 the red and yellow pitaya. Since its inception, the company has been committed to the taste and quality of its fruits promoting health, well-being and gastronomy.

The Malaga company closed last year of 2019 with 150 workers on its staff and with a business volume of 18,000 tons of fruit, billing 41 million euros.

"Focus on taste, quality & value" is the corporate claim and reflects the corporate culture of the company specialized in tropical fruit.

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