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24 May 2022

Tecnicrop launches REIMDAL LS on the market

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Tecnicrop has launched REIMDAL LS, the second product of its exclusive range of plant biostimulation, based on SBP technology (Synergistic Biostimulant Power), developed after years of research, as a result of Tecnicrop's experience in the field and in the production and development of new products.

The PBS technology included in the formulation of REIMDAL LS contains a balanced and optimum ratio of different natural molecules with BIOSTIMULATING POWER which, once released into the growing medium and absorbed by the plant, activate its metabolism, triggering its physiological processes and its response mechanisms to all kinds of biotic or abiotic stress situations. The constituents of this technology generate a SYNERGIC AND IMMEDIATE EFFECT, i.e. a greater and faster effect.

Crop yields are linked to the early stages of crop development, and good root system development is therefore key to achieving high yields. Based on this premise, Tecnicrop's R&D department has developed REIMDAL LS, a high performance root biostimulant, aimed at generating a powerful, branched and dense root system, while improving soil structure, increasing water retention and contributing to recovery from different stress situations such as transplant stress or water deficit.

The composition of REIMDAL LS includes potassium, the main element required for cell elongation, with its consequent involvement in the development of the root system, and vitamins of the B group that intervene in root growth and preserve the balance of the edaphic flora around the root. The application of REIMDAL LS is recommended at key moments such as transplanting in the case of horticultural crops or the moment of tree activation in the case of citrus and fruit trees.

Tecnicrop is a company dedicated to the manufacture, design and development of fertilizers and agronutrients of high efficiency and respect for with the environment, within the framework of what they themselves call "Conscious Agriculture", this is a way of doing agriculture in which we are aware not only of what we produce, but of what we help to build with it taking care of our planet.

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