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29 September 2022

TEBRIO launches its 100% organic insect-based fertilizer

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The Salamanca biotechnology company Tebrio will present at the Fruit Attraction 2022 fair a revolutionary natural fertilizer, made from the excrements of the insect Tenebrio molitor, which increases crop health, promotes vegetative development and significantly improves soil fertility conditions to promote nutrient uptake and water retention.

:oFrass is a 100% organic product, suitable for the organic farming proposed by Brussels as a result of the Green Pact. At the same time, it represents an alternative to chemical fertilizers, the use of which will have to be halved by 2030, according to European regulations. Among other things, it reduces abiotic stress on plants due to excess or lack of water, cold and salinity. It contributes to reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides and nitrogen fertilizers. And it minimizes fertilizer and labor costs associated with the crop.

It is also characterized by its bio-fortifying, bio-stimulating and bio-phytofortifying capabilities, since it contains a large amount of essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms for the correct development of crops. And it maintains an optimal carbon/nitrogen ratio, with a neutral pH value that restores soil composition and thus optimizes plant interactions with the environment at all levels.

On the other hand, :oFrass has a high chitosan content, which favors the sanitation of the root environment, crucial in water and nutrient uptake processes. It also activates the plant's natural defenses against external attacks, with an inhibitory effect on fungi and pathogens.

All this translates into an increase in the harvest, with a greater number of commercial fruits per plant, of larger caliber and with a better scribing and greater weight, as shown by the studies that Tebrio has carried out in different types of crops, such as melon, strawberry or broccoli.

Leaders in organic surface

Spain is currently the second country in the European Union with the largest organic agricultural area, exceeding 2.4 million hectares, representing 16.6% of the total organic area of the EU, according to Eurostat figures. Ahead is only France, with 2.5 million hectares, and behind are Italy, with 2 million, and Germany, with 1.5 million.

According to the report prepared by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBIL) and IFOAM Organics International, organic agriculture has generated in the last year 52,000 million euros in Europe, equivalent to an increase of 15% over the year before the study.