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24 May 2022

Syngenta presents Quantis®, the new anti-stress shield to protect crops naturally

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Quantis® is a natural product made from yeast fermentation that promotes an anti-stress shield in the plant, as well as having a prebiotic action. Quantis® is a yeast ferment exclusive to Syngenta that provides crops with a double action: Double action: on the one hand, it is a source of secondary metabolites with a protective biostimulant action against abiotic stress; and, on the other hand, it is a prebiotic that activates the plant's defensive systems due to the presence of chemically recognised substances. This dual mode of action is essential to combat all types of stress suffered by crops, whether it be cold, heat, drought, water salinity, etc., or oxidative and osmotic stress, or even possible cell damage and growth problems. In these cases, the plants lose their vitality and growth capacity, the mechanisms for their own protection against diseases fail and, in short, their productive potential declines.

Quantis® is able to activate and regulate the proper functioning of the genes involved in protecting plants against stress. Thus, on the one hand, the genes that manage vital processes such as osmoprotection, detoxification and photosynthesis are activated; and, on the other hand, the production of metabolites for the protection of nucleotides and proteins, the protection of cell membranes and the appearance of antioxidants and osmoprotectants to block the response to stress are boosted. As a result, we achieve the maintenance of photosynthetic capacity; the stabilisation of cell membranes and the reduction of plant temperature, delaying senescence.

The natural shield that Quantis® offers against crop stress and its prebiotic effects have a clear effect on the improvement of plant health and growth and on the final results of the harvest. Thus, in trials carried out by Syngenta on various crops, such as maize, it has been seen that the application of Quantis® achieves a greener crop, with better grain quality and higher yields in drought conditions, clearly reducing water stress. In wheat, it also increases yields, delays senescence and increases grain filling time. The optimum application period for Quantis® is before or during the physiological phases that determine growth, e.g. during flowering, and before stress situations due to abiotic factors such as drought, etc. Quantis® has no specific incompatibilities with authorised crops, and can be mixed with numerous commonly used phytosanitary products and fertilisers, although Syngenta recommends always consulting with the company's technician in each area to get the maximum potential out of the product.

Syngenta is a leading agricultural company that helps improve global food security, enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources. Through world-class research and innovative crop solutions, our 28,000 employees in more than 90 countries are working to transform the way plants are grown. We are committed to restoring degraded soils, enhancing biodiversity and revitalising rural communities.

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