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15 July 2022

SYMBORG, biocontrol solutions based on Beaveria Bassiana 203 will provide farmers with a safe tool

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Europe approves Symborg's Beauveria Bassiana 203 fungus for bioinsecticide use against pests.

Symborg, a company that is part of the AgritechMur industrial group, will provide farmers with effective, safe and sustainable biocontrol solutions in response to new international market requirements and in line with the objectives of the European Farm to Fork strategy.

Recently, the European Commission has included Symborg's Beauveria bassiana 203 fungus in the list of active substances approved for use in plant protection product formulations, as listed in the Annex to Implementing Regulation 540/2011. This approval means that Beauveria bassiana 203 is now part of the "ingredients" authorized by the European Commission for inclusion in new agricultural products, which is a real milestone, since, according to AEPLA data, of every 140,000 active substances studied only one makes it from the laboratory to the field, in a process that takes about 11 years.

"Farmers face the challenge of crop management with fewer tools for pest and disease control, with crop protection products being the necessary solution," explains Jesús Juárez, founding partner and CEO of Symborg.

As stated in the European Farm to Fork strategy, one of its main objectives is to reduce the risk of chemical pesticides by 50% and the use of the most dangerous pesticides by 50%. In this situation, sustainable insecticide tools such as Beauveria bassiana 203 will be even more necessary.

High pest efficacy

The Beauveria bassiana 203 strain has shown high efficacy against pests of agricultural interest, also highlighting its intrinsic conditions, as it is very tolerant to adverse environmental conditions having been isolated in extreme conditions. Likewise, due to its mode of action, it is very difficult for it to generate resistance in insect populations. The Beauveria bassiana 203 fungus and its approval as an active ingredient with insecticidal effect are the result of more than a decade of research.

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