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16 May 2019

SULFATO CÁLCICO DEL MEDITERRÁNEO will present its new "Yescal 00 Micronizado" at Fruit Atrraction.

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SULFATO CÁLCICO DEL MEDITERRÁNEO has exhibited at FRUIT ATTRACTION for nine years already, with the aim of increasing the number of people and companies that know the benefits of our product; "Yescal".

Now we would like to present the latest news: "Yescal 00 Micronizado", a product suitable for use in localised irrigation and ecological agriculture that has the following main advantages:

  • The opportunity to use "Yescal" located just where it is necessary
  • The ideal granulometry for the instantaneous use of "Yescal"
  • The use of less amount of "Yescal" per surface
  • The efficiency and convenience of applying "Yescal" automatically
  • The advantage of being able to apply "Yescal" already incorporated next to the irrigation water

In addition to the intrinsic properties of "Yescal" such as:

  • Salt corrector
  • Recovers soil structure
  • Fertiliser rich in calcium and sulphur
  • Ecological fertiliser
  • Stabilises soil pH
  • Improves soil micro-organisms