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29 September 2022

SQM Iberian presents the new revolution in plant nutrition: Ultrasol®ine K Plus, a mixture of potassium nitrate with iodine

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Iodine is present everywhere, but only in small quantities. Most of the main agricultural soils and irrigation water contain very low concentrations of this chemical element and are generally not available for plant uptake.

An iodine deficiency results in a decrease in yield, just as it does with a deficiency of any other plant nutrient. To ensure optimum crop production, iodine must be supplied in the proper dosage. The application of iodine with potassium nitrate makes it easier for growers to ensure the right amount of iodine in a nutrient solution, which avoids excessive iodine uptake in leaves and fruits.

SQM, the world's leading producer of specialty fertilizers, has been diligent in researching these latest findings. In response to new information highlighting the importance of iodine as an essential plant nutrient, the Chile-based company has developed a specialty iodine fertilizer for fertigation crops. This fertilizer makes it possible for growers to apply iodine as a micro-element plant nutrient in a 100% safe and effective dosage on a science-based basis.

The recently launched product known as Ultrasol®ine K Plus combines two essential plant macronutrients - potassium and nitrate nitrogen - with iodine. The product ensures the application of these nutrients in well-defined doses. As a result, the grower can maintain an effective and safe concentration of iodine in the root zone without major efforts. Ultrasol®ine K Plus thus prevents iodine deficiency in crops, eliminating the risk of iodine over-application. The product has already been extensively tested worldwide and is supported by more than 100 well-documented grower trials. The results obtained by these growers confirm that iodine provides a number of benefits, including improvements in:

- Root development

- Growth of aerial parts of plants

- Photosynthesis

- Nitrogen metabolism

- Abiotic stress tolerance

- Flowering and fruit quality, with a reduction in fruit rot and an increase in fruit shelf life during storage.

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