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29 September 2022

SOUTHERN SEED: Determination, Action, Creation, Innovation: These are the key words that our company has developed to create an impact product: BUZZ F1

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It is a tomato variety very refined and appreciated: the cherry one; but in this case, we are in front of an innovative size; in fact each fruit is about 6-8 gr. Despite the smallness, the sweetness remains, indeed is amplified!

The second important characteristic is actually the high brix degree. The other important factors, that must be underlined, are the resistance and tolerance.  It is resistant to cracking, a complication that still gives to many farmers around the world many problems today. As regards the tolerance, it is tolerant to Ff, Fol 1-2; ToMV and IR: TYLCV; Ma; Mi; Mj.

Looking to pictures, it is evident the real nature of this product: to be the king of the scene: with a uniform and elegant cluster, with an average of 18-20 fruits and with an intensive and persuasive red colour.

We believe in the phrase: ‘we are what we eat’ and following this principle, we propose to customers this product.

The organoleptic properties are the crucial focus: BUZZ F1 is able to give good sensations through all our 5 senses, because it was thought by our experts’ team like a product suitable for the whole family: from a child to his grandparents. It has a high digestibility and his benefits are countless: it is rich of vitamins, with antioxidant properties, it has the capacity to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease, problems as regards sight, but also it is rich of lycopene.

If your curiosity about this excellent product is on, you can check our website and see BUZZ F1 technical schedule but also all our products.

Thank you for reading.