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29 September 2022

SOLIDUS Solutions' Center of Expertise in Spain develops a fiber-based modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) that is 95% recyclable after use.

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SOLIDUS Solutions' Center of Expertise in Spain has developed a complete fiber-based packaging concept for consumer use that replaces plastic packaging. The modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), which is used for fruits and vegetables as well as meat, fish and ready meals, provides a longer shelf life than standard food packaging trays. In addition, the plastic film is easily separated, so that 95% of its fiber-based materials are fully recycled after use.

Through this end-to-end in-house approach at the Experience Center, Solidus' team of experts develops prototype designs that undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the required performance standards for printing, logistical performance and food safety for certification are met. The customized packaging solutions are then put into production to bring the entire process under one roof, making it easier and faster for customers. Following the success of the Center of Expertise in Spain, Solidus is opening another one in Belgium brings to expand its network. Solidus is also currently preparing a third one at one of its sites in the UK, which is expected to be operational by the end of 2022.

Commenting on the launch of the Experience Center in Belgium, Dieter Bergner, CEO, said, "From idea creation to manufacturing: with the opening of our new Experience Center in Belgium, we now have a clear and close-to-market path to develop packaging solutions in Belgium. These are fast, fit-for-purpose and, thanks to our testing equipment, resistant to damage during storage and distribution."

The new Experience Center houses a number of specialized teams to support customers throughout the creation process, eliminating the need to outsource, and taking customers on the journey through ideation to development and sample testing. Whether using solid board to create fruit baskets that reduce plastic usage, or creating specialized plant packaging, Solidus offers a wide variety of options in the consumer and industrial arenas.

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