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22 September 2022

SIPCAM presents Araw: Protection all the way, quality from the start

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The food chain is putting strong pressure on the agricultural sector to reduce the presence of phytosanitary residues on its crops. Faced with this trend, SIPCAM made a firm commitment to develop a solution to crop losses due to fungal diseases based on active substances present in nature: terpenes.

The first step was an exhaustive search for the most suitable terpenes in the optimum proportion to combat botrytis, powdery mildew, rust and other diseases. These active substances have the advantage of a powerful disease scavenging effect, even when they are already established. But their Achilles heel is their high volatility, which makes them have a characteristic odor, but above all they are short-lived when applied to the plant and can also burn green tissue.

To avoid these undesirable consequences, the solution found was microencapsulation in natural cell membranes, the Sustaine® technology. These natural microcapsules have a gradual release, and since they are cell membranes, they hydrate proportionally to the degree of humidity in the environment, or if there is rain or dew. This is the moment of maximum risk of infection, and coincides with the maximum moment of release of the active ingredients. Therefore, a natural product has been achieved both in its active ingredients and in its formulation. In short, this is how ARAW was born, a preventive and curative fungicide for multiple diseases in horticultural crops, vines and fruit trees, with a prolonged protection effect and without any risk for the crop. And of course, free of MRL to meet the most demanding international market requirements.

ARAW has been on the market since 2016 authorized in wine grapes and table grapes, so it is already a consolidated ally of large wineries, winegrowers and table grape producers throughout our geography. Now ARAW can also be used in horticultural crops and some fruit trees, so its range of applications is enormous. Between 2021 and 2022, many growers of bell pepper, tomato, lettuce, broccoli, strawberry and melon, among others, have witnessed its effectiveness and compatibility with their production system.

In summary, ARAW represents SIPCAM's commitment to crop quality, application reliability and the health of horticultural and fruit crops. ARAW, your crops will be the most admired.

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