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22 September 2022

SINCLAIR, meeting sustainable fruit label needs and legislative requirements

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At Sinclair, we have extensive experience in developing sustainable labels for use on Sinclair's high-speed fruit labeling systems. In 2014 we launched our first label with a compostable laminate.

In 2019 we relaunched Sinclair EcoLabel®, offering a finished product - laminate, adhesive, eco-friendly inks - fully compostable and 'OK compost - INDUSTRIAL' certified (OKI-S0728).  In 2021 Sinclair EcoLabel HOME™ T50 comes to market, a plastic-free label with its entire composition certified 'OK compost - HOME' (OKH - S0728).

In response to changes in French legislation in 2022, we are in the process of launching Sinclair T52, a new label that meets the requirements of French law no. 2020-105 Article 80. This new label does not have a certification on its entire composition and is not paper based, however, it uses as a base a foil independently certified 'OK compost HOME (OKH-S0728)' by TÜV AUSTRIA. The label is composed of home composting materials, environmentally friendly inks and a food grade adhesive.

The base components of the T52 label provide different performance attributes compared to our home compost paper label. T52 is more suitable for more difficult to label fruits such as green kiwi or avocado and, in some applications, can provide greater adhesion compared to a paper label. With 40 years of experience in the market, we know how complex fruit labeling can be. Introducing a new label is a challenge, as many factors can affect labeling performance: different skin types, humidity, condensation, packaging warehouse configuration, etc.

Sustainable label development

Sinclair understands the myriad influences and challenges of developing a sustainable fruit label and labeling different types of fruit. Although we currently have sustainable solutions to meet the different application and legislative requirements of our customers, they are not yet perfect. Our development team is working every day on different sustainable label projects exploring new technologies and developing new materials for home composting.

Wil Murray, Director of Operations, commented: "Developing a new home compostable label is challenging and complex. Accepted as an excellent minimal packaging option compared to other types of packaging, a label communicates essential functional data for consumers and retailers to help avoid food waste and make an informed choice. The continuous development of new and improved home composting label solutions is a priority to ensure that our business provides our customers and consumers with environmentally friendly products. Without standardization of legislation across all markets, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. New sustainable label solutions are needed to meet different customer and market needs."

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