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29 September 2022

SINCLAIR - Why the launch of the Visual Recognition System is ideal for many packing houses?

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Sinclair, a world leader in fruit and vegetable labeling solutions, launched a solution that offers high-speed labeling with advanced technology available to even the smallest packing houses.

Through our program of continuous product improvement and listening to our customers' needs, Sinclair has made great strides in efficiency and versatility in product development.  We have completely upgraded our pattern labeling solutions by taking advantage of new technologies to introduce a new visual recognition system (VRS) as part of our automated, high-speed labeling solutions. The merger of VRS with our compact pattern labeling machine (CPL) offers a fundamental improvement for customers, as smaller packaging lines can now utilize the benefits of VRS in line with the style and performance of the warehouse packaging line.  The ability to provide new solutions based on our customers' challenges ensures that customers have more choice, more versatility and more efficiency in the way they package and label.

What does the Visual Recognition System do?

Sinclair's VRS provides more advanced labeling options by intelligently identifying the pattern of the fruit or vegetable located on a tray, thus optimizing labeling efficiency and accuracy, particularly on randomly placed and irregularly shaped fruit such as grape tomatoes and pears.

How does it work?

Using the latest 3D imaging technology, the Sinclair VRS system creates a detailed map of the tray passing under its camera. The map is used to detect the product contained in the tray without being affected by the color of the fruit.

This results in a system that can work with any color of product, aveolo, trays or baskets and with a height of up to 300mm.

What are the main benefits?

The system allows different types of trays and patterns to be combined on a single packaging line, automating labeling and eliminating the need for operator intervention.

With the selectivity function the user can decide which fruit in the tray will or will not be labeled, also allowing the system to be configured to detect irregular fruit shapes.

Why is VRS ideal for smaller packing houses?

The latest version of Sinclair VRS together with the CPL labeler uses the latest technology to enable a much more compact system. The CPL + VRS offers advanced tray labeling options and allows for installation and integration into smaller warehouses.

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