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29 September 2022

SIGNIFY presents PHILIPS HORTICULTURA solutions: The importance of light type for plant growth

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Light is one of the most important aspects for optimizing plant growth in a greenhouse or vertical farm.

There are several myths surrounding the specific light spectra used in crops, especially the use of white, green or broad spectrum light.

Esther de Beer, director of Signify's team of plant specialists, clarifies that there are four basic colors when talking about light for plants: blue, green, red and far red. Violet light is actually a combination of red and blue light; and white light is obtained when green light is added to this combination of red and blue.

How efficiently does a plant use green light to grow? Esther de Beer states, based on McCree's studies on photosynthetic efficiency, that green light is used for photosynthesis, but with a lower efficiency compared to red light. Green light has been shown to have little effect on crop growth.

In terms of the total energy usage needed to create the light, red LEDs have been shown to give far more photons per watt compared to blue and green LEDs. From Signify, we want to offer our customers the optimal lighting solution to grow in the most sustainable way, balancing the percentages of the different types of light and providing the amount of green light strictly necessary and the amount of red and blue light sufficient to contribute to proper plant growth.

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