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15 July 2022

SIGNIFY introduces PHILIPS HORTICULTURE solutions, dimmable LED lighting can reduce energy costs

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Growers are faced with fluctuating and rising energy prices, while having to ensure light uniformity that is most beneficial to plants.

Artificial light is critical to crop success, but it is also one of the most energy-intensive elements in the greenhouse. However, we have good news: Dimmable LED lighting can reduce energy costs. Signify's dimmable LED technology and Philips' GrowWise control system enable a new and efficient way to manage crop growth and energy prices. It is now possible to integrate the GrowWise control system with the temperature control system to easily manage uniform growth through dimmable LED lighting.

The GrowWise control system can be connected to the control computer to manage settings through a single application, location and system. Therefore, there is no need to switch to other programs. You can adjust the LED light level just as easily as you adjust the temperature, displays and watering.

When integrated with the temperature control system, it can be linked to a daylight sensor and direct the DLI for the plants in a fully integrated way. It allows full control over the regulation and amount of light, so the knowledge and improvements it provides in this regard can make a big difference to the bottom line.

Find their stand numer 5B08B at FRUIT ATTRACTION.

Link: "Trends in lighting, LED and illumination - Philips lighting".