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21 June 2022


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Servalesa launches the EcoAttitude

Servalesa, after months of work to achieve its own challenges, presents the ECOACTITUD. The great BET of Servalesa to become a reference in the market, with more than 45 products certified for use in organic and biodynamic agriculture under the U.N.E. This makes Servalesa one of the reference companies in products suitable for organic farming.

ECOACTITUD is a way of understanding organic farming by the Servalesa team in which not only aims to respond to the needs related to agricultural activity, but also aims to be a social agent disseminating, raising awareness and promoting a system of organic agricultural production that respects the environment, the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity. All this, without forgetting the main objective of the bet: to achieve quality crops, with higher profitability.

For this, Servalesa has turned ECOACTITUD into a way of thinking and conceiving organic agriculture in which rigor, reliability and quality of each of its formulations and products is the goal.

In Servalesa, aware of the importance of ECOACTITUD, has directed part of its business project and resources to the achievement of more than 45 products certified for use in organic agriculture under the U.N.E. standard.