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23 July 2020

IFEMA readies itself to start its fair activities with extensive safety measures

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• Events will run at up to 75% capacity in compliance with the regulations established by the Community of Madrid, which has approved the resumption of fairs, congresses and events • As well as these regulations, events will be subject to IFEMA's own preventive measures, which have obtained two official approvals, the Madrid Guarantee and the WTTC Safe Travels seal, which recognise the work done to guarantee fairs resume in a safe space

Fruit Attraction 2020 will continue to monitor the health situation during July and August, but is still expecting to hold a physical event from 20 to 22 October, and through the LIVEConnect platform from 1 to 31 October. All the necessary systems are in place for exhibitors and visitors to comply with official regulations and requirements to ensure that everyone is safe and to gain the trust of the market. Every effort is being made to ensure that the facilities are perfectly adapted to the current situation.

Safety measures protocol

Now in the second stage of the measures contained in the official gazette of the Community of Madrid, IFEMA has started operating again in July in compliance with general guidelines that allow increased capacity of up to 75%, in the case of fairs, congresses and exhibitions, as well as events and exhibitions, while ensuring that the facilities enable social distancing of 1.5 metres and, failing that, the mandatory use of masks. 

Fruit Attraction has devised and implemented a set of measures aimed at ensuring a safe interpersonal distance as established in the rules throughout participants’ time at a fair, from the time they arrive, register and enter to the time they leave. It is, however, important to note that, in accordance with Community of Madrid regulations, in cases in which these distance measures cannot be maintained, alternative physical protection measures, including the use of masks, are acceptable, making practically all event formats viable.

Flows of people and creating safe layouts

The organisers have also been analysing the best ways to lay out spaces to enable people to move through the facilities while complying with the requisite interpersonal distancing measures.  Fruit Attraction will do everything possible to establish routes to direct the flow of attendees and avoid crowds in certain areas, both inside and outside, thus preventing unwanted interpersonal contact. IFEMA will enhance these measures by establishing separate entry and exit points, in order to reduce the risk of crowds forming.

The regulations also require, as long as there is a risk of the virus spreading, mandatory compliance with the hygiene and prevention measures established. As a first-level preventive measure, all attendees and participants in the event will be required to wear a mask throughout their stay at its facilities. Additional action will also be taken, such as periodic disinfection, the use of hydroalcoholic gel, and elimination of all types of material and processes that could pose any risk of contamination.

Likewise, in the event that any type of hospitality or catering service is required, this will be adapted to the requirements established for providing these services in hotel and restaurant establishments. Community of Madrid regulations, however, do not allow cocktail-type receptions to be held as part of fairs and events.

In addition, and as established in Article 16 of Law 15/1997, of 25 June, IFEMA will present the protocol containing the safety, hygiene and prevention measures to be implemented at each fair to the competent body. The information submitted will also include all the additional measures IFEMA is taking by deploying cutting-edge technology for temperature detection, access and capacity control and pre-registration, as well as heat maps to prevent crowds from forming, among other information and assistance measures.

IFEMA, officially recognised as a safe space

All the protocols which IFEMA has been working on and investing in have recently been recognised by the Community of Madrid and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) through the Madrid Guarantee certificates and the Safe Travels seal. This distinction endorses the extraordinary measures implemented by IFEMA to guarantee the health, safety and mobility of participants at its fairs, congresses and events, as well as the dissemination of this information throughout the sector.