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22 September 2022

SANIFRUIT manages to extend the shelf life of avocado by at least 3 days at the point of sale

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Avocado marketers and supermarkets can now further increase their sales and profits thanks to Sanifruit. There are some problems related to postharvest such as dehydration, external appearance of the avocado, homogeneity in ripening or internal damage.

These alterations directly affect the profitability of all the agents involved along the supply chain, and there’s also produced avocado waste that could be avoided.At Sanifruit, in their continuous search for solutions for the whole fresh produce sector, they are launching  a  natural plant-based coating to extend the shelf life of the avocado and thus reduce food waste, promoting the increase in the profits of marketers and supermarkets.

This new solution, SANI-AG, widely tested in customers, is applied by spraying in the packing line.  Some of its main benefits improve the post-harvest life of the avocado and the profitability of the packing houses and the supermarkets:

  • Extends the shelf life of the avocado by at least 3 days[JBM1]  on the shelf.
  • Reduces weight losses during conservation and transport, thus increasing profitability[THL2] , without modifying the organoleptic characteristics.
  • Greater homogeneity during the ripening of the fruit, increasing the performance and reducing the steps per line
  • Improves the external appearance of avocado, its firmness, and reduces internal damages.

In addition, the application of the Sanifruit post-harvest treatment  is very simple, it is enough to implement a simple low-volume application system in the packing  line, which can be supplied together with the product.

As a sign of its effectiveness, below you can see some of the industrial results  obtained in customers

Sanifruit, a company with more than 35 years of experience betting on innovation and sustainability, launches this new post-harvest solution, thus taking another step in its commitment to the fresh produce sector and consumers.

Since the company was born, its goal has been none other than to offer a fruit free of pesticide residues, which improves the profitability of packing houses and supermarkets, while respecting the environment and people's health.  All their products are natural, based on food-grade additives and plant extracts, and therefore their harmless nature  allows them to protect people's health.

Currently they already have  solutions for citrus, banana, melon, stone fruit, pome fruit and avocado. And in the coming months they will continue to innovate and offer an increasingly wide range of solutions for the sector[OB3] . Stand de 8C05B

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