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29 September 2022

SAKATA presents at Fruit Attraction Purple Magic, the first fully purple broccoli on the market.

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The variety, with a high nutritional content different from traditional broccoli, aspires to the 2022 Innovation Awards.

At the stroke of a magic wand, Sakata Seed Ibérica presents its latest broccoli variety, Purple Magic, which arrives to revolutionize the market, as it is the first purple broccoli in history. The result of 10 years of research, Purple Magic promises to conquer the consumer, not only for its attractive purple color, but also for its high nutritional value.  The first thing that enchants us about Purple Magic is its bright purple color, but behind it lies the real magic: this color is due to its high anthocyanin content, unlike traditional broccoli.  According to a study, where both types of broccoli have been compared, Purple Magic contains a high concentration of anthocyanins similar to that observed in strawberries and three times higher than that of pomegranate. Anthocyanins are biomolecules of high antioxidant power that give broccoli its purple color and are found naturally in brassica. Anthocyanins have anticarcinogenic properties and have been linked to benefits for eyesight and the cardiovascular system.  In addition, according to this same study, unlike green broccoli, it contains selenium, with consequent beneficial implications for heart and muscle health. "When we develop a variety, we are not only looking for visual appeal, but also for added value over traditional varieties. In the case of Purple Magic, it gives us the opportunity to consume broccoli with a different, more potent nutritional profile," said Antonio Ibarra, head of Brassica development at Sakata Seed Ibérica.

Purple Magic is a revolution for the broccoli market, but also for the senses. Sakata Seed Ibérica, in its commitment to a better nourished society, believes that this new variety will help to boost broccoli consumption: "We try to anticipate what consumers are asking for and we know the importance of colors and new formats in the purchase decision. We want Purple Magic to encourage even the youngest consumers to eat broccoli," adds Ibarra. In addition, its color is an innovation that is a differentiating element on the shelves, thus adapting to the demands of supermarkets.

                For Sakata Seed Ibérica, a leading broccoli seed company, Purple Magic is the result of the challenge of breaking with trends in broccoli varietal development, which in the last forty years had focused essentially on improving agronomic performance in terms of adaptability, quality, yield and shelf life.  Purple Magic is a short-cycle variety for fall and early winter harvests with a similar structure to any green broccoli with very fine grain and dome skin, but aesthetically very different because of its striking coloration, especially in the stem. A broccoli totally different from what we know, which is "a spell for the senses", as highlighted by the slogan of the campaign that starts this July and will put its broccoli at the next edition of Fruit Attraction. This is the stage chosen for the 'presentation in society' of Purple Magic, which will aspire to the Innovation Awards 2022.

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