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22 September 2022

The National Forest Administration - ROMSILVA

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The National Forest Administration – Romsilva manages the state-owned forests, in an area of 3,13 million hectares, representing 48% of the total forested area of Romania. Annually, Romsilva sells up to 5000 tons of berries, about 400 tons of medicinal plants and up to 500 tons of edible mushrooms from the spontaneous flora.

Organic certification

            All products come from the spontaneous flora of Romania and can be certified as organic agricultural products. A part of our products is already certified as organic by companies approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania.

Commercialization methods

            Romsilva organizes a transparent selling process. The awarding of sales contracts for the forest fruits is organized through electronic auctions. For medicinal plants and edible mushrooms, the selling process is done through public tenders organized at the headquarters of forestry directorates.

Simple, fast and easy, with only 3 documents, you can sign in the auctions!

Edible mushrooms from the spontaneous flora

            Romsilva can directly purchase and capitalize or can assign the right to harvest mushrooms from spontaneous flora in a quantity between 400 - 500 tons per year:

  • 40 tons of boletus (Boletus edulis/Boletus aereus);
  • 26 tons of truffles;
  • 10 tons of chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius).

Forest fruits from the spontaneous flora

Annually, Romsilva sells between 2.000 to 5.000 tons of berries. They are sourced from the spontaneous flora, being natural products of a particular quality. The berries are sold refrigerated or frozen, in various packaging, depending on the market demand.

Medicinal plants from the spontaneous flora

            Around 400 tons of medicinal plants from the spontaneous flora can be sold annually by Romsilva from a varied assortment palette. Medicinal plant selling can be done in fresh, dried and frozen form.

  • 82 tons of elderberry flowers;
  • 63 tons of linden flowers;
  • 56 tons of hawthorn;
  • 17 tons of black and European red pine;
  • 4 tons of black locust;
  • 4 tons of common yarrow;
  • 3 tons of wild garlic.

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