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22 September 2022

R COORP was born with an agricultural enterprise in the district of Olmos-Lambayeque, Peru

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R COORP currently has 280,000 plants of Pitahaya, whose variety is the "American Beauty", planted on an area of 80 hectares and with the participation of 781 agricultural entrepreneurs.

R COORP was born with an agricultural enterprise in the district of Olmos-Lambayeque, Peru. Diego Rodriguez - founder and CEO of R COORP - is currently working with his team of professionals and trained technicians to process its modern equipped plant and export in this its first harvest approximately 800 tons of this exotic fruit. This packing becomes the first in Latin America for the exclusive processing of Pitahaya. Its mission is to bring fresh Pitahayas from the field to the table of consumers worldwide, for which it works in strict control and traceability, involving each production process: planting, water quality, resource saving, through photovoltaic energy, harvesting and packaging, ensuring a healthy product and its origin.

R COORP will gain a space in the international market starting its export to different markets of the European continent mainly to the countries of England, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal among others.  Its export window begins in mid-January until the end of April/beginning of May of next year 2023, this quality fruit for its high nutritional value in vitamins, minerals and omegas which will be marketed through different distribution channels: Retailers, wholesalers, Horeca.

By 2025, the Terra Project plans to bring together around 80,000 agricultural entrepreneurs on some 10,000 hectares of crops, which will produce more than 25,000 tons. The Project also seeks to include a range of exotic products, such as rambutan, pink passion fruit, organic banana and baby mango.

They will be exhibiting at stand 10A03

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