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24 May 2022


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In line with its commitment to the circular economy, Plastimol has launched a new range of recyclable, reusable and repairable folding cartons, where the manufacturer's commitment to eco-design is evident.

This new line of packaging optimises all the processes in the value chain, saving space both in storage and in reverse logistics.

When the packaging is not in use, it can be stored folded, reducing its height by up to 85%, which implies a significantly lower volumetric occupation in the warehouse.

In transport, it raises reverse logistics to the highest level, notably reducing the carbon footprint, as well as time and costs, as one lorry or container of empty folded containers will return up to 7 lorries of containers full of product.

They make it possible to establish a closed circuit throughout the chain from the field to distribution, avoiding packaging loss and encouraging its reuse. In addition, they have international standard measures that allow palletisation in accordance with ISO 3676.

It is the only 100% effective active/passive system on the market. The folding handle is located on the inside of the box, preventing unintentional folding during handling. On the other hand, the box collapses on impact, preventing damage and breakage.

These boxes have easily interchangeable components, which means that they have a longer useful life than standard packaging, as they are 100% repairable. At the same time, there is the possibility of manufacturing in recycled material in its entirety or with recycled content.

With this launch, the established branded manufacturer aims to provide a valuable asset by improving the supply chain and is aware of the market trend towards sustainable development.

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